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Pure & Natural Luxury Latex Mattresses

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Like sleeping on a cloud

Tanya and Sergey

Australian Made and Owned



Customisable Comfort, Natural Luxury.

With three layers of interchangeable pure latex, a firmer or softer mattress is simply a flip away.

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Pure Trio Latex Mattress Topper

Revitalise and Transform Your Mattress

Place the Pure Trio latex mattress topper on top of your existing mattress and feel instant pressure relief.

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The perfect healthy compliment to your child’s sleep routine, the Pure Mini cot mattress is handcrafted from 100% pure latex and features a removable organic cotton and Tencel® cover, and trusted certifications.

Intended for use from newborn to four years, Pure Mini latex cot mattress is compliant with AS/NZS Voluntary Standards testing for optimal mattress firmness for infants.

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sleeping on a pure trio mattress with head on latex pillow

Natural Latex Pillow

Complete your healthy sleep environment with a natural latex pillow. Our contoured and supportive 100% pure latex pillow is designed to cradle your neck to assist in a more restful night’s sleep.

The unique adjustable design comprises a removable insert to allow you to change the height of your pillow to suit your individual needs.

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the details behind the mattress

Unique 3 Layer Flexibility

The Pure Trio mattress features three layers of pure and natural latex – a 50mm soft, 75mm medium and 75mm firm density.

Each layer is orthopedically designed with seven posture zones to support each part of your body.

Simply unzip the removable Tencel® cover and rotate the layers to find your ultimate comfort combination

How to Change Layers

Pure, Natural & Safe

Our Pure Trio mattresses and toppers are made from 100% pure and natural premium latex harvested from sustainable rainforests.

Give your family the healthiest sleep environment. There are no chemicals, adhesives, synthetic fillers or flame retardants.

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Backed by 66 years of Quality and Integrity

Pure Trio latex mattresses and toppers are designed and made by Latex Mattress Australia, an Australian owned latex mattress manufacturer and retailer, since 1955.

Healthy sleep is at the forefront of everything we do, and we believe all Australians should have access to a natural, customisable alternative to the one-size-fits-all mattress in a box options

Number One for Comfort

Each pure and natural latex layer is orthopedically designed with seven zones, for optimal spinal alignment.

Each zone conforms to the natural curves of your body, supporting your lumbar region and easing pressure on your hips and shoulders.

Start Your 6-Month Trial

6 Months to Trial,
21 Years to Last

You have an unrivalled six month’s trial with your Pure Trio latex mattress purchase, allowing you to try the different comfort combinations to find your perfect comfort level.

The Pure Trio latex mattress is built to last with a lifespan of up to three times longer than a traditional spring or foam mattress and is backed by a 21-year guarantee.

Choose Your Comfort

Try Before
you Buy

We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms so you can experience our products for yourself.

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3 Interchangeable Layers of Pure Latex

The unique three-layer construction allows you to change the soft, medium and firm layers to find your perfect comfort level.

Choose Your Comfort 


To rearrange your comfort layers, please refer to the recipe card included in the delivery of your mattress. You can also find this information on our  Setting Up Your Mattress page. Call us on 1800 787 387 if you need further assistance.

Yes, your new Pure Trio mattress will be ready to sleep on as soon as you unwrap it. Our mattresses are made to order, so are only compressed for the few days it takes for your mattress to arrive. The memory of natural latex allows the product to spring back to its original shape in seconds.

Please visit one of the Latex Mattress Australia showrooms to see our Pure Trio mattress.

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4 Barrinia Street, Springwood QLD 4127

New South Wales
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Further information and contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.